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Boston swing central 

Boston Swing Central is a dancer-formed, volunteer-run, non-profit dedicated to promoting swing dance. They hold regular swing dance parties every Friday at Q Ballroom in Cambridge and welcome new dancers. Please visit for more information.




The Trustees “hold in trust” and care for properties, or “reservations,” of irreplaceable scenic, historic, and natural significance for the general public to enjoy. Founded by open space visionary Charles Eliot in 1891, The Trustees is the world’s oldest land trust and Massachusetts’ largest conservation and preservation non profit. Supported by more than 100,000 members, donors, and thousands of volunteers, The Trustees own and manage 116 spectacular reservations including working farms, historic homesteads and landscaped gardens, community parks, barrier beaches, mountain vistas and woodland trials located on more than 26,000 acres throughout the Commonwealth. An established leader in the conservation and preservation movement and worldwide, The Trustees have also worked with community partners to protect an additional 34,000 acres. With thousands of outreach programs, workshops, camps, concerts and events annually designed to engage all ages in its mission, The
Trustees invite you to get out and experience the natural beauty and culture our state has to offer. For more information, visit:

Castle Hill, a 165-acre National Historic Landmark, was the summer home of Chicago industrialist Richard T. Crane Jr. and his family from 1910-1949. They entertained in grand style at their 59-room English-style mansion and its surrounding gardens. Now owned by The Trustees, Castle Hill on the Crane Estate is the perfect setting for a lawn party celebrating the music and dance from its hey-day.

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Greater Boston Vintage Society, VINTAGE FAIRE ORGANIZER

The Greater Boston Vintage Society is a vintage-themed social group focused on educating its members as well as the public about the ways of the past through first-person interaction.  It is about exploring history and keeping a connection with where we come from.  There is a world of lost culture that can be rediscovered through putting on the “threads” of not so long ago.

GBVS members hail from all over New England and beyond.  We welcome all types and all ages.  Don’t have a vintage outfit?  It’s not as hard to obtain as you think, knowledge is the most important step and we’re here to help!