Playtime on the Estate!

Explore the Crane Estate and participate in some of our lawn activities while you're at it!


House Tours

It’s 1929 and you are a guest of the Crane family! Let a footman or maid show you around the Crane’s Great House during a 30-minute first-person tour. Tours are scheduled on the half-hour from 2 pm – 7 pm. Purchase your house tour tickets in advance online HERE


Prohibition Mystery Puzzle

We welcome you to take part in an intriguing tale set in the 1920’s Prohibition era. The mystery will take you back in time on a tour through the grounds and challenge your wits, as you become the lead detective on the case. Your responsibility is to complete an exciting scavenger hunt as well as many other thematic puzzles necessary to fill in missing details throughout the story. Can you solve the mystery!? Start your adventure at the main event tent next to the main stage.



Learn about the history of the West’s obsession with the inhabitants of the Nile, and the evolution from morbid curiosity to scientific investigation. 

The Archaeology Department at Boston University in collaboration with the Greater Boston Vintage Society present a historical reenactment of a mummy unrolling, Guests are invited to participate in a performance of past science and showmanship. A display of artifacts from the Gabel Museum, recently returned from our traveling Cabinet of Ancient Wonders, will accompany a program of lecture and performance. 

Disclaimer: Although the mummy presented is simulated the audience is warned that all attempts have been made to make it appear as real as possible. While there will be no gore involved, the appearance of a desiccated cadaver has been recreated for the purpose of this performance. Additionally, the actual practice of mummy unwrapping is considered unethical and highly destructive for both moral and scientific reasons. This performance has been conceived in an as authentic as possible light in order to invite the audience to reflect on the lines between science, entertainment, and the long shadow of imperialism.



More information coming soon!

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There is a Charleston dance contest. More information coming soon!

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Grab some friends and enjoy a game of croquet, badminton, or giant chess!